Thursday, March 26, 2009

After watching Obama’s first “Open for Questions” session

Old political communications model:

Elect a “conservative” president who maintains a sphinx-like presence.

Rely upon “journalists” and pundits acceptable to Rupert Murdock, G.E. and the corporate owned media along with talking heads from bought-and-paid-for right wing think tanks to blather 24/7 cable TV spin on public events.

Call this “democracy.” (Heimlich maneuver may be necessary at this point.)

New communications model:

Elect a progressive president interested in direct contact with citizens and who’s willing to speak AND listen.

Bypass the carefully selected, well paid, reliable corporate spin doctors. Instead, use a variety of means -- town halls, talk show visits, internet chats, and new media – to frame and motivate public deliberation and debate.

Celebrate modest steps toward a revival of citizen-based democracy.

Prepare for blasts of hot air from those who’ve profited from the Old model.

Probably too utopian, but I’m like that.