Sunday, February 06, 2011

America's Soviet-style TV

I downloaded the app for Al Jazeera on my Android phone and it works fine. Just now there was an intelligent discussion comparing the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.

When I was a kid and TV was just coming to our little town, there was an ad showing a Soviet soldier smash a radio with an axe. "Radio Free Europe compels them to admit the truth!" a voice loudly proclaimed.

Something about the contrast between Al Jazeera and the US network and cable news reminds me of that spot. "TV Al Jazeera compels them to admit there's a world beyond Washington and Hollywood gossip!"

The extent of decline in U.S. television coverage of world events is, by now, absolutely shocking. The idea that the networks can quickly parachute in news anchors like Brian Williams to tell us what's happening is just another symptom of a deep disorientation in American mass media.

Then again, what does Al Jazeera have to say about Lindsay Lohan's latest troubles?

- Langdon

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  1. Yes. Americans are dumbed down to where they are blinded by their addictions to porn, violent video games, sports, celebrity hijinks, and revealing all their personal data to social media sites full of rogue apps, malware, and identity thieves.

    GPS and surveillance technology embedded in cell phones and mobile devices are making sure the technocrats will be able to control, and if necessary, eliminate population sectors when they finally wake up and revolt.